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The energy in the room at a Mirrorgloss show is hot magic. Najamoniq and Del together share a positive, loving, and genuine realness with their audiences that leaves you feeling like you just made 2 new friends. Plus they are both hilarious. This is a written interview with both Naj and Del from February 2021. Give it a read and then give them a listen or the other way around!

Karl: What are some of the first things you can remember wanting to be when you grew up?

NAJAMONIQ: I actually wanted to be who I am… don’t be fooled by the outcome tho…I spent a lot of time meandering around, there was no decisive path ..just a deep want to be music and color.

DEL: I wanted to be a singer and a fashion illustrator.

What were some of your favorite bands when you were younger? Do you remember your first CD? First live show? First musician crush?

Grunge was my shit coming up….the lovely celebration of misfits that revels in being weird…. as a black girl who was into rock and roll before it was cool it spoke to me… I was also into hair metal and followed that path thru indie metal and into the desert rock and psychedelic rock which are my favorites right now.

Due to many factors in my childhood and location I had a hard time finding my music, our cable channel in the sticks ( country ass Florida.. I lived on a farm down a dirt road) we had vh1 so many of my first rock and roll sounds were John Cougar and Whitesnake and I kinda love that for me lol, I dabbled in pop because it was easier to find but was of no real consequence to me. One Saturday night around 11:30 curled up in my bed with my radio … I found this station that played alternative music from 11-1 on Saturdays and the blessing that was “Piggy” of the famed NIN came through the speakers in the dark and I was forever changed. That coupled with the BMG tape scam we were all a part of (lol) I ordered  Green Day “Dookie” Smashing Pumpkins “Siamese Dream”  Nine Inch Nails “Downward Spiral” The MTV unplugged recording of Nirvana, Tracey Bonham “The Burdens of Being Upright”  Weezer  “The Blue Album” and still one of my favs today Veruca Salt “American Thighs”

First Musician Crush was Joey from NKTOB….. my first real crush however, you know the one where you actually know what you want to do to him and how to actually do it lol, was Chris Isaak <3 he is still fine and could still get it!!

DEL: Hall and Oates. INXS. Duran Duran. 

First, live show: Jane’s Addiction at 15 at SDSU backdoor.

Crush: Daryl Hall, Sheila E, Wendy and Lisa, and Michael Hutchence (INXS)

What genres “spoke to you” the most as a teen?

NAJAMONIQ: ROCK AND ROLL all genres …. I was a little less into punk ….that would develop later as I got a full view of real-life lol

DEL: College rock, blue eyed soul, British alternative, early punk, new wave and goth.

How did you find yourself in Tacoma Washington?

NAJAMONIQ: I moved here to live with my aunt when my mother was battling addiction… a battle she has since won 20 years strong <3

DEL: It was an accident. The realtor lied to us. It was in 2003. Boy, am I glad she did.

What’s your favorite part about living in the pacific northwest?

NAJAMONIQ: we have every terrain …. also the music history…it feels organic to have started my music career in a place where so many milestones for  hip hop and rock happen

DEL: The trees, the vibe, the community, eating a bag of Dick’s (burgers), the live music venues, pho, and being surrounded by the beautiful water.

When did you realize that you wanted to, and could, create your own music?

NAJAMONIQ: I was always the dopey “lovesick in love with love and music” girl who wrote poetry in her diary…..it’s just always been a part of me

DEL: When I was 3. But it took creating with other people to make me confident enough to share it.

What’s your favorite part about performing and being a performer?

NAJAMONIQ: The energy is uncomparable …in essence it is just a gathering of people wanting to worship music… me included… also I love to sing for others… there is this feeling when I sing it’s like giving the carebear stare to everyone lol
Least favorite part?
the inner saboteur who says everyone is looking at you….and they are…..being in the spotlight will unearth any and all insecurities you have

DEL: My favorite part is soaking up the energy of the crowd and having a platform to share positivity and acceptance. My least favorite is being vulnerable and exposed.

In what ways have you adjusted to the pandemic world?

NAJAMONIQ: I’ve slowed down and paid more attention to what I really love… and what really feeds me and I’ve edited my life, I live in go mode and I love it… but pre-pandemic my go had some direction but not the amount needed, I’m glad to say I’ve turned my focus inward and it’s been amazing to see the leaps and bounds my life has taken when I turn my energy to what is meant for me!

DEL: I have realized what is important and what I need.

What are some of your interests aside from music?

DEL: Cooking, makeup, writing erotica…deep listening to music and being inspired by new artists.

Overall what would you rate your 2020+ experience…

NAJAMONIQ: It’s been a very weird year… I’ve had a ton of good but also some sacrifice…the enforced tightening of my group was challenging but is now a gift and I found my focus and the love of my life. I’ve had a lot of hard times in my life and it has taught me that everything comes with good and bad you just have to figure out what your benefit from the experience is… I think this year we all got to experience that together as a world and that is powerful and life-changing

DEL: Mine personally was dope. It taught me how to be grateful for what I have and live luxuriously with less money in the way that I ate and prepared meals and the people I spent time with. 

Have the years’ experiences changed any of your plans or views?

NAJAMONIQ: It hasn’t changed too much but grown my need to plan for an alternative way of living. What has been sold to us isn’t the way and we can now all see that.

What do you hope to see more of and less of in the world?

NAJAMONIQ: (Less) Racism, selfish focus, and sadism….the type of violence I see on this earth worries me deeply. I want to see more true selflessness and the understanding that we win as a whole and fail as a whole so if there is unnecessary suffering …we failed

DEL: I hope to see more creativity and creation. I hope to see more love being spread. I hope to see more acceptance of things people can’t immediately change. I hope to see less pollution, less waste, less haters and hatred, less brutality, and less violence.


You can listen to Mirrorgloss music on all streaming platforms. show your support by following them on instagram and facebook and if you’re ever in the Tacoma/Seattle area, make sure to try and check out a live show !


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