How to support the project has the ambitious goal to create a collective learning experience through producing and sharing different individual life journeys and experiences; stories to inspire, challenge, or discover new perspectives on life. Please support the project that is currently being entirely produced by Street Lamp, LLC based in Highland Park, IL USA. Support Thank you!

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Why a project like Street Lamp LLC was first founded in the mid-’90s by Daniel Vital. While Daniel focuses primarily on film-making, he has always explored new online formats since the year 2000. The first project was called (not active), featuring short videos from travelers sharing their experiences (like this one made by Daniel in Tibet in 2000 link ). Then in 2005, we founded a free public email provider named that worked for a couple of years. In 2008 Daniel created a niche social network for creative professionals called, gathering over 15,000 professionals from around the country.

So why should you support

  1. Because it’s a great project that we want to continue producing for a long time.
  2. We believe in the beneficial social impact of having truthful stories out there to inspire, challenge, or discover new life perspectives.
  3. Because we know you love storytelling as much as we do.

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